•  Atkins Academic and Technology High School

    Family and Consumer Science Department

    Foods 1

    Rebecca Edwards, Teacher

    Room 403

    My Plate  


    This course examines the nutritional needs of the individual. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of diet to health, kitchen and meal management, food preparation and sustainability for a global society, as well as time and resource management. Skills in science, reading, and mathematics literacy are reinforced in this course.

    Course Topics:

    A. Food preparation, methods and procedures

    Apply methods for safety, sanitation, lab procedures and conserving resources.

    Understand methods for food preparation.

    B. Meal service, planning and preparation

    Understand the principles of etiquette for meal service.

    Understand food choices.

    Understand the relationship between food choices and health.

    Apply methods for meal planning and preparation

    Text : Food for Today

    Supplies needed for this class:

    2" 3-ring Binder 

    Loose leaf notebook paper
    # 2 pencils
    Blue or black pens

    Grading Scale:
    A = 90-100 Superior
    B = 80-89 Good
    C = 70-79 Average
    D = 60-69 Poor
    F = 59 and Below Failing
    Final grades will be based on:
    Daily participation
    Notebook and Quiz
    Projects and Food lab