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     The Alternative Fuel Club is now competing in the 2017 Shell Eco Marathon competition of the Americas. We will continue to update this page as we go along please check the Haiku page at

    Dear Parents and Faculty,

        The Alternative Fuels Club, at Simon G. Atkins Technology & Academic High School, is a group of students, mentors and professionals who design, advertise, and build prototype fuel efficient vehicles. We are working and striving towards competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

    The Alternative Fuels Club consists of high school students from the freshmen to the senior class with the help of professional guidance. We design and assemble the mechanical, electrical and visual aspects of a fuel efficient vehicle. Some examples of what we do include working on the motor, programming/circuitry and designing the aesthetics of our vehicle. Along with keeping extensive photo and video records, our team is focused on safety and we already implement many different systems to ensure the safety of our members. The Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual competition, sponsored by Shell. The goal of the Eco-Marathon is to build and race a fuel efficient vehicle for optimum power mileage. This is our first year with the club and we have made great strides in the completion of our vehicles systems from after school and Saturday meetings. We hope to build on our successes and start this club off with a good first season.

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    The WSFCS has discontinued the Go-Green Go-Kart Competition
    2015 Alternative Fuel Club
    This year we are proud to announce the expansion of our second team with an alternative chassis design and different
    Alternative fuel club meets

    1st Wednesday of every month

    Karney Law

    We would like to thank the Bob Karney Law Firm For Their generous contribution and continued support with the rest of our
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    Sponsored by the WSFCS Career Center
    Go-Green Go-Kart Competition
    Why Have This Competition?

    More and more engineering schools in America, and Europe, are requiring their students to have Dartmouth University Go-Karthands-on, realistic application of the theoretical principles they are learning in the classroom.  America's pre-eminent technical university, M.I.T. , as well as universities associated with the S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers), and polytechnical universities throughout Europe, are all now promoting the study of Alternative Fuels through university sponsored E-KART projects .  In Europe, the university clubs compete with each other to build the most efficient go-karts vis-à-vis fuel mileage, horsepower-to-weight, etc., and then race their karts.

    This trend is the genesis for the Career Center Alternative Fuel Club's entrée into the world of go-karting, and the development of several go-karts to run on alternative fuels. We invite you to be part of this forward thinking, team-building, environmentally friendly teaching opportunity.

    On the upper right is a SAE race kart designed by the Dartmouth University Go-Kart Team.

    Below are some photos of our kart
    We would like to thank BRADS GOLF CARTS for their continued support of our project, without their gracious support and help we would have no club at all. For more information on participating in this event please contact:
    Ronald Moats:

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