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    • College Foundation of North Carolina(www.cfnc.org) -- comparative views of two-year and four year colleges and universities, online applications, virtual tours of college campuses, a planner, career-planning tools, financial-aid info and online financial aid forms.
    • Collegeboard--Your inside source for College Admission. Find college planning and preparation tools to help you succeed. Inside source for AP exams and courses

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    • Collegeview -- Profiles of more than 3700 colleges and universities, virtual tours of hundreds of schools, career planning tools, financial info and advice in packing for college
    • Fastweb-- A search service that matches skills, abilities, and interests to a database of more than 4,000,000 scholarships.
    • Kaplan-- Practical strategies and simulations for selecting a college, preparing for tests, and negotiating financial aid packages.