• Fall is in the air!

    Posted by Candace Marvin on 10/9/2013 8:00:00 PM
    It is already October!  The temperatures are cooler, so please send your child to school with a sweater or light jacket. 
    Room 102 is a busy place!  We are watching our caterpillars.  Many have climbed to the top of the plastic cup and attached to the piece of paper.  Soon we will transfer them all to our large butterfly cage and observe how they form a chrysalis.  Each student is keeping a diary about what is happening to the caterpillars in the first person (they are the caterpillars)!  Their diaries are so creative! 
    A letter went home Tuesday, October 8th concerning math fact mastery.  Please help your child learn their facts. 
    The Boosterthon Run was a lot of fun!  I hope your child had fun.  It was a hot day!
    Please be sure that your child does his/her homework and brings it into school in the Go notebook the following morning. 
    Our classroom is full of kind hearted students who work hard each day.  Please know how much I cherish working with each one of them. I am a very fortunate teacher.
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  • We are off to a great start!

    Posted by Candace Marvin on 8/27/2013 4:00:00 PM

    We have completed the first two days of second grade!  Yesterday numerous faculty members spent time with all Rural Hall students reviewing the schoolwide PRIDE expectations.  Then my students made the rules for our classroom.  We played Stand Up/Hand Up/Pair Up to get to know our new classmates.  The Imagine It reading program is new to second grade this year.  We will follow the same procedures during Imagine It instruction that the students used last year in first grade.  The theme of the first unit is Kindness.  Yesterday I read aloud Little Red Riding Hood.   Today we read Little Green Riding Hood together.  Then we compared the two selections using a Venn diagram.  Today we had "Munchy Math".  The students represented numbers using stick pretzels as ten rods and Cheerios as ones.  We determined whether the numbers they represented were greater than or less than other numbers.  During writing workshop, each student completed a plan for their All About Me piece that they will write tomorrow.  We concluded today with Social Studies.  Our topic is citizenship.  As a group we brainstormed words that represent each part of PRIDE.  Tomorrow the students will create posters.  We are off to a great start to second grade! 

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