• Did you know there are seven habits that help make a child a highly responsible student?  According to a pamphlet by the Parent Institute, these seven habits are:

    • The child sets goals.
    • The child plans his/her time.
    • The child studies every day.
    • The child takes notes in class.
    • The child has the tools he/she needs.
    • The child keeps his/her committements.
    • The child gets ready ahead of time.

    Experts tell us it takes 21 days repeating a behavior or action to make a behavior a habit.  The key is to be consistent and use that behavior every day.  I hope yo uwill encourage your child to develop these seven habits by using the necessary behaviors every day.  It will surely make 2010-2001 school year a successful one for him/her.

Last Modified on August 11, 2021