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    Tidbits and Other Useful Stuff 
       In addition to the supplies listed on our Website, we will use the following items in our classroom.  Each child will need a white oversize (one size bigger) t-shirt. The children wear the shirts to their Encore classes, over their clothes.  We will paint their names on the front.  The t-shirts are especially helpful in art, as a smock, and in P.E.
       Each child will need to have a plastic/vinyl pocket folder with prongs.  Red is the desired color but any color will do.  These folders will be our lifeline between home and school.  Homework assignments, notes, etc. will be housed in the folder along with with a conduct chart, snack calendar, menu and 100 book club info.  These folders will come home everyday, to be checked,  initialed, emptied if applicable, and sent back to school.  All notes, lunch money etc. can also be sent in the "RED" Folder "RED" stands for Read Everything Daily.
       Please send any lunch money labeled with your child's name on it.  A change purse is great as well as a Ziploc bag or envelope.  Lose change in the folder always gets lost.  You can also send a check for lunch that we can give to the cashier in the cafeteria.  We always help each child with their lunch money, food order and setting up and opening lunch items. 

       Please send a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag with your child's name on it, for those unexpected accidents.  Clothes should include underwear and socks.   Also your child will need a towel for rest time.  Please label the towel.
       Each Kindergarten class will have a Field Trip and Special Events t-shirt.  More information will come about the color and cost