•  Homereaders
    All Homereaders are sent home on Monday and returned on Fridays

    For some children the books may seem easy and may be below your childs reading level. Please note that reading these books will help your child develop fluency, speed, and confidence in reading.


    Other children may find these books hard to read. At first you will want to read the book to your child and encourage your child to look at the pictures. Then reread the sentence and ask your child to touch the words as you read the words again. Remember to read and reread the book each night to encourage more independence.


    A note for all parents: be sure to have your child retell the story after reading it. This includes library books as well. Ask:

    • Tell me about what you just read.
    • Who were the characters?
    • What happened at the beginning
    • What happened in the middle?
    • What happened at the end?
    • What was the problem in the story?
    • What was the solution?
    • Have your child make a connection to him/herself and the book. (example: read another book like thisDid the same thing happen in the book, etc.)