• supplies
    1st Grade Supply List
    1 box of 24 crayons
    (We will need more than this for the ENTIRE school year...
    please keep some extra boxes at home to replenish)

    10 glue sticks
    (We will go through glue sticks quickly...
    please keep more at home to replenish)

    1 pack of #2 pencils
    Erasers (pink beveled; not pencil toppers)
    2 boxes of tissues (rectangular box)
    1 pencil box
    1 book bag/backpack (no wheels)
    1 hand sanitizer (GermX/Purell/Dial)
    (We do not need any this school year…
    I have plenty left from last school year!)
      a 1 inch 3-ring binder (plastic front pocket on cover)
    (We need this for our classroom FROG book)
    1 box zip-lock bags (quart & gallon)
    (Boys: Gallon size...   Girls: Quart size...  )
    1 pair of scissors

    Sample list can be found on Amazon.com at:
    (You do not need a FROG back pack...I just used that as an example!)