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    Every month, I will send home a calendar which will have a schedule of your child's encore class for the day and snack assignment.  One child will be responsible for bringing snack each day.  If at any time you find you won't be able to supply snack, just let me know! 
    Acceptable Snacks:
    * animal crackers
    * pretzels
    * cookies
    * graham crackers
    * chips (individual snack-size, please)
    * cheese crackers
    * fruits or veggies (prewashed and cut if necessary)
    Unacceptable Snacks:
    * anything with peanut butter
    * candy
    * fruit gummy snacks or fruit roll-ups
    * unpopped popcorn (no microwave is available)
    * refridgerated items
    Doing snack this way is a great way to allow the class to eat snack
    together, and because each child will only be supplying snack a few
    times during the school year, it's much more affordable.