• School Improvement Team: SIT

    The School Improvement Team is a forum where all voices in the school community are represented. Some of the responsibilities of the team include: overseeing the creation and implementation of the school improvement plan (SIP), approving the school budget and soliciting input on school operation from all representatives.SIT Team Teacher Representatives are elected. SIT meetings are open to all parents and staff members; however, only SIT members are voting members.

    2019-2020 School Improvement Team Members (will be updated in September after 1st meeting)

    Committee Position Name
    Principal Dr.Wendy Brewington
    Assistant Principal Ronnie Caviness
    Teacher Rep., Committee Chair Cynthia Dunn
    Teacher Representative  Laura Waddell
    Teacher Representative Deborah Barron
    Teacher Representative Cynthia Roush
    Teacher Representative  Melinda Blackburn
    Teacher Representative  Julie Holmes
    Secretary Heather McCutchen
    Teacher Representative Nancy Schleimer
    Guidance Billie Wylde
    Guidance Alyssa Garrity
    Instructional Facilitator Kelly Tutterow
    Parent Representative Emily Dockery
Last Modified on August 4, 2020