• Preschool Information


     For additional information for obtaining  speech screening and evaluation please contact the
     Preschool office at 336-722-8232  .

    Parent Pledge

    As a parent of a preschool student I promise to assist in the following:

    ·        to get my child  to sessions on time and be there to collect them at the end of the time period.

    ·        to set aside time to practice the exercises and sounds on the  practice sheets they bring home.

    ·        to alleviate the baby talk at home.

    ·        to speak in complete sentences when communicating with my child.

    ·        to speak to your child  about school rules , to walk in the hall  quietly and not yell while in the building.


     As the speech pathologist I promise to work with your child and to assist in the correction of age appropriate articulation and language deficits as dictated by the IEP.

    I look forward to working with your child.


    F.R.Griffin EdD CCC

    Speech Pathologist









Last Modified on June 5, 2015