• WSFCS Academically and Intellectually Gifted Programs
    Billie Wylde, AIG Coordinator
    WSFCS AIG Screening

    ● Second Grade
    o Group Screening: all 2nd grade students take CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)
    o If 80th percentile or higher on CogAT, offer the ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills)

    ● Fifth Grade
    o Non-AIG student who scored 90+ on fourth grade EOG
    o AIG Student who meets criteria for HAG rescreen
    o Criteria: Combined score of 193-195 from CogAT (2nd grade) and EOG (4th grade)
    o i.e. 2nd CogAT= 94 + 4th EOG (subject) 99= 193
    ● Rescreening Opportunities: (NEW data or NEW student to system!)
    o Students may be referred for AG screening at the end of grades 3 or 4 (but only ONCE during grade span)
    o Aptitude (or subtest) is 80 or achievement (or subtest) is 90. (1 additional screen is given)
    Qualifying Scores
    AIG- A student with a combined percentile score (Aptitude + Achievement) of 185 is eligible for AIG services ● IG- A student with Aptitude of 98% or 99% and Achievement of at least 85%
    AIG single subject certification- A student with the sum of Aptitude percentile and the Achievement subtest (reading or math) is 185. OR-Achievement subtest (reading or math) is 95+ and Aptitude Composite is 85+
    HAG- A student qualifies for HAG services with a combined percentile score (Aptitude + Achievement) is 196 or higher OR The Aptitude Composite is 99% and the Achievement Composite 96% or higher
Last Modified on September 11, 2018