• Assignment Expectations for Travel

    Homework should be neat and completed on time

    Students will responsible for writing down all of their homework in their planners at the end of each day

    Students will be allowed to make up homework for excused absences

    When students have a prearranged absence (a family vacation, wedding, out-of-town, etc...), they should get their homework before leaving and bring it back upon their return

    Students do not have the option to not complete their work.

    All work must be completed.  If it is not completed on time, they must sign their name in the homework book. Students are allowed one grace. After that, 10 points will be deducted from their homework grade. This final grade will be averaged into their final grade at the end of the quarter.

    If the student fails to turn in homework continously, a conference with the parent(s) or guardians will be arranged.

    It is important that students learn good organizational skills and remember to complete their homework and put it in their homework folder so they can turn it in the next day. 

    I expect all my students to take all of their work seriously and to do their best to try and complete an assignment.