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    Hi! I am Mrs. Uhrig, and I am the Media Coordinator for Mount Tabor High School. This is my fifth year back at Tabor. I worked here as the Media Assistant while I was working on my MLS degree, then worked at Diggs-Latham Elementary for 6 years. I was born in Riverside, California but moved to Winston-Salem when I was in the first grade. My parents are both from Winston-Salem. I have also lived in Boone, North Carolina, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Roswell, Georgia and Coppell, Texas. I graduated (again) from Appalachian State University with a Masters in Library Science. I also attended Brevard College many moons ago.
    My really smart (he married me) husband is Wayne, who is an engineer. I have two remarkable sons, Walter and Dusty. 

    I was the Media Assistant at Mount Tabor High School for three years while I worked on my MLS degree. I was at Diggs and then Latham, and now Diggs-Latham. I merged the two library collections and now have a new Media Center complete with a broadcasting room with a green screen! I have an extensive audio visual and computer background, and I hope to share my enthusiasm for research and technology with every student that comes through the Media Center. My goal is to make sure that all students are comfortable in the Media Center and understand that this is their place to seek information.

    den star I am also a Discovery Educator Network STAR and have been the Event Coordinator for North Carolina for the last four years. Now I will start a new adventure as a Rising STAR Mentor. The DEN means a great deal to me, and I have attended 9 Summer Institutes.

    I love going places, staying at the beach all summer, taking pictures and hanging out with my family. I like camping (with an air mattress) and I LOVE whitewater rafting. I also like roller coasters and cats.

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