• What Are We Learning This Quarter????  learn


    What will we learn in the first quarter?


    Math- Making New Shapes

    This quarter in math we will be studying

    ©   Odd  and even numbers
     Number sense (placing numbers in order from least to greatest

    ©   math facts


    -We will use the reading series Imagine it.  The first unit is called kindness. The students will involved in a food drive for the Second Harvest food bank.  This is part of the inquiry section of the unit.  (http://sraimagineit.com/g_login.html We will work on:

    ©  Phonics skills

    ©  Reading fluency

    ©  Writing

    ©  Independent reading



    Science- this quarter in science we will discuss: Weather

    ©                        Weather changes

    ©                        The water cycle

    ©                        Tools to measure the weather

    ©                        How the seasons and days change.


    Social Studies- We will learn about:

    ©       Historical Time lines and economics 

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