•  hw   HOMEWORK: Students will have approximately 30 minutes of homework each day. In addition, they must read for a minimum of 20 minutes daily and record this on their reading logs (parent signature required). Organization and responsibility is important. Help your child become more independent. They are responsible for writing down homework assignments and turning them in on time. In the event of incomplete or missing assignments assigned discovery will be given. Parents will be contacted if this becomes habitual. If your child is in Extended Day they do receive SOME homework help. However, please be sure look over their work with them when they get home.
    clock  ABSENCES & TARDIES: If you need to pick up your child early from class please sign them out and get a note from the office first. Every 10 tardies will automatically turn into an absence. Students entering the classroom after 8:45 am or leaving the building before 3:08 will be considered tardy. Students arriving after 10:30 AM will be counted as absent. Students leaving before 11:30 AM for the day will be counted as absent as well.

    If a child is absent (sickness, family trip, etc.) any makeup work that needs to be completed will be given to the student when the child returns to the classroom. The number of days missed will determine how many days they have to complete the work (ex. A student goes on a trip to the beach and misses 2 days of school. The teacher will give them their makeup work when they come back from the trip and they will have 2 days to complete it). In the event of sickness, appointments, etc. be sure to bring a note upon returning explaining the reason for the absence.  Parents wishing to have their child's absences excused because of a learning opportunity must get approval from Mrs. Atkinson (not the teacher) BEFORE the trip.

    school   DISMISSAL: Students in afterschool care (run by the YMCA) will be dismissed to their teachers at the end of the day. Car riders will go to the covered walkway between Building 1 and 2. Even though we are close to the end of the day parents are not permitted to pick up their child in the classroom unless they sign the student out in the main office and receive an early dismissal slip. Please be mindful that early check-outs are recorded as tardies.
    BDAY   BIRTHDAYS: We always enjoy celebrating birthdays and will continue to do so. However, for health reasons and the safety of all our children, we will no longer allow food items. If cupcakes, etc. are brought to the classroom we will NOT be able to share them with the class. In place of that students may bring small gift bags with items such as pencils, stickers, etc;

      NUT  DAILY SNACK: Students may bring a daily snack to eat during the morning.  Please do not send any nuts or food items containing nuts for snack.  We do have a few allergies in our classroom and we want everyone to be safe at school.