Below is a list of guidelines for homework activities.  You will need to pick and choose what works best for your family and your childs learning style.  Reading nightly with your child is essential; your child needs to recognize high frequency words; first graders need to learn their spelling words; and math calendar activities should be completed regularly.  Everything else is suggested, but not required.     




    1. Take Home Reading:  Each week you will find a book appropriate for your child's reading level in their folder.  Here are some general guidelines for how to use this book throughout the week:



    Preview the pictures, discuss vocabulary, and parent reads book to child


    Parent and child read book together; parent helps child point to each word while matching voice to print


    Child reads book to parent


    Child reads book independently; parent helps child discuss book by asking questions about events, connections, and author's purpose


    1. High Frequency Words:  I have organized the lists of high frequency words by quarter to help you pace your child's practice.  I will assess as many words as your child is ready for each quarter (I won't stop with the words for the quarter if your child is ready to read words for future quarters or grade levels). 

    Monthly Math Calendar
    Have your child complete 1 math activity nightly (4 weekly).