Lunch Information

    K-1 Lunch TBD



    Extra Milk   

    Adult Lunch A la Carte


    Lunch will be delivered to our classroom at 11:00 each day.  A monthly menu will be sent home.  Your child can purchase a hot meal or bring a lunch from home.  If your child packs lunch, please make sure it is labeled and contains no carbonated beverages.  Your child may choose to purchase milk to go with the packed lunch.  Please discuss your child's lunch plan with him/her each morning.  Your child's first job when entering the classroom is to indicate lunch plans.  Sometimes children think they have a packed lunch and they do not check to be sure.  When lunch time comes, the child realizes there is no lunch box and no school lunch was ordered. 


    The cost of lunch is $TBD for students.  You may buy daily, weekly, or monthly.  Paying in advance is helpful and your child still has the option to bring lunch.  The prepaid amount will carry over to the child's next purchase.  Checks should be made payable to The Downtown School Cafeteria.  Pre-paying online is a most convenient option.   
    Paying for School Lunch Online 

    The Child Nutrition Department offers an online payment service. MyNutriKids is an online service that parents can use to add money to their child's cafeteria account as well as look at their child's participation.  When a parent signs up for this service the online database starts to monitor the child's account and their history can be queried for up to thirty days. This system can also be set up to send home email notifications for low balance reminders.


    Our lunch orders are reported to the cafeteria at 8:45, so if your child will be late to school and will need a lunch, please send the teacher a quick email or call the office.   This will ensure that your child will receive lunch on time.


    If you would like to join your child for lunch, please drop by the cafeteria in the main building if you need to purchase a lunch, and come and join us in our room. 

    Thank you!

    The K-1 Teachers