• Volunteer Information  

    If you have any questions about volunteering at The Downtown School, please contact our volunteer coordinator:

    Amanda Wright 




    Volunteering at The Downtown School is vitally important to the learning environment and education of our children.  Unlike other schools, volunteering is required (1 hour per week/child) and serves to offset the limited resources and staff allocations provided to our unique school model.  We recognize each person has skills and realize schedules change; our goal is to ensure throughout the school year, you have the right opportunities to contribute to DTS!

     Name Tags

    • You will need to sign in and out every time that you volunteer.  Sign in stations are located in the office areas of all buildings. They are the same computers that you will sign kids in and out of if they are tardy or are leaving early.  When you sign out, you will use the code that is on the lower left of your name tag.
    • Remember to bring your driver’s license with you.  
    • Name tags must be worn at all times.

    Important Links

    • All volunteers must first complete the district volunteer application.  You can complete that at: https://www.wsfcsvolunteers.com/
    • If you do not complete the volunteer application and get approved, you will not be able to volunteer at the school.  This is needed to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and parents.



    Off-Site Hours Entry

    • If you have completed offsite hours, you need to turn in this time on the following link:
    • Reminders
    • PTA activities and class parties are not recognized as parent volunteer time.
    • Children not attending The Downtown School are not allowed to be with parents while volunteering during the school day.  


Last Modified on August 28, 2022