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       Welcome to 5th Grade with Ms. Ford!  There is a significant transition from 4thrd to 5th grade.  Your child’s work will be sent home weekly.


    I am Monique Ford. I have taught for 17 years and I am excited about being your child’s teacher.  In order for your child to be successful, hard work, consistency and dedication will be required from all of us especially with us learning common core.


     There’s more homework, more class work, and occasional school projects.  I will be sending homework daily that must be checked and signed by you.  I also require your child to read for at least 30 minutes every evening. A reading record sheet will be sent home nightly for you to sign.  Therefore, I will need you to lend your child your ear first, then your signature after he/she has read to you.

    All comprehension homework assignments must show where the test taking strategy Q.A.R. (Question, Answer and Relationship or Response) is being utilized.  This will help with comprehension as well as prepare your child for the End of Grad Test. 



    I look forward to us working together and would love to meet with each of you during our conference times.  Feel free to call the office for that information.


      If there are ever any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.

    Your child should have all requested supplies indicated on line by: August 29,2014




    Ms. Monique Ford