• homework

    Your child will have reading, Wordly Wise/Word Work, and math homework Monday through Thursday night.  Your child will be responsible for copying all assignments into his/her homework planner.  



    Your child may choose any grade appropriate reading material to use for take-home reading.  The material should take at least 20 min. to read each night.  


    Word Work/Wordly Wise

    We will alternate weeks with Word Work and Wordly Wise homework.


    Math homework will be a review of what we did in class that day. It may be assigned from their math workbook, worksheet, or website.  

    • Homework is due daily.  If your child does not have his/her homework it will be counted as incomplete unless I have received a note from a parent with a valid excuse.  
    • Incomplete classwork may be assigned as homework. 
    • Homework counts as a weekly participation grade in each subject.
    • Science or Social Studies may be assigned on occasion.
    • Make sure you register your child at pearsonsuccessnet.com so they can access the online math book.  Our class code is 16E8084352E768B1386F.

    Homework assignments should take around 45-60 minutes each night.  It may take a little longer at first until a routine is established.  If your child is taking much longer than that to complete assignments please contact me.