• Ways To Help Your Child Have A Successful Fifth Grade Year!


    1. Make sure that your child gets enough rest each night.

    2. Check your child's book bag daily.  Talk to your child about the things he/she brings home from school.  Provide a special place for your child to keep and/or display his/her work.

    3. Send your child to school prepared for each day:

    -Book bag

    -Any forms and/or folders that need to be filled out and returned

     -Snack; something healthy. Please do not send sodas or junk food. 

     -Lunch box (containing ALL they need for lunch)

     -Lunch money

    4. Encourage your child to be independent.  Avoid the tendency to do everything for him/her.

    5. Encourage your child to be responsible and to clean up after him/herself.

    6. Encourage your child to control the volume of his/her voice while inside.

    7. Encourage your child to listen to others who are speaking and not to interrupt.

    8. Have your child read to you, even if he/she struggles with the words, practice is key.

    9. Make every effort to get your child to school on time each day.  Your child's instructional day is from 8:20-2:50. He/She may come to the classroom at 8:10.  Any student arriving after 8:20 will be counted tardy. Try to avoid scheduling appointments during school hours.  Every minute of every day is important in our class.  Strive for good attendance.

    10.  Please feel free to contact me any time you have questions or concerns before/after the instructional day.  Parent-Teacher communication is critical to your child's success!

    Remember to check and sign Wednesday Folders!

    Remember to return Wednesday Folders with Stapled work!

    Always Show your P.R.I.D.E.