What is going on in our class?
    We have been busy during our  2nd marking period. 
    In Reading we have covered units exploring nature and our community. We have worked  on reading strategies to include making connections, clarifying information as we read, asking questions and summarizing.  In addition we have worked on fact or opinion, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and context clues.  We have completed our 2nd quarter writing assessment which is writing informational text.  Students wrote about the life cycle of an animal of their choosing.  
    In Math we have continued to work on  problem solving with missing addends, odd and even numbers, ordering numbers. In addition we worked on telling time using both analog and digital clocks.  Students also have worked on measurement using inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters.  Not only are students estimating and measuring items, they have worked on word problems involving measurement. In addition, students have worked on using different strategies in solving addition and subtraction problems, to include:  number line, base ten blocks, equations, and other pictorial representations.
    In Science we have completed our unit on weather.  The students learned about different types of weather, predicting weather using different weather instruments, seasons, weather terms, and maintainnig a weather graph for one month, All their data was collected and put into a weather booklet.  The students will be bringing their weather lap books home after break..
    In Social Studies we are working on Economics.  We are learning about supply and demand, consumers and producers, and wants and needs. 
     We definitely had a busy second  marking period.