• Homework
    Each child will have a folder for all their homework.  This folder goes home everyday and is brought back to school the following day. In the folder each student will have a homework sheet with letter to parents on the back, paper for spelling, a reading log, and math homework worksheets.  The folder is brought to school everyday so I can quickly check that work is being completed daily and also to see if a student is having difficulty with assignments.I also like to check the reading log to make sure  students are reading every night. 

    Each child is responsible for completing all the work.  I would suggest having them follow the schedule given and complete each night's assignment, rather than waiting until the end of the week.  Your child is expected to read every night for 15-20 minutes.  Students  can take books out of the Media Center to use as take home readers.  They can also  read books from home or the public library, if they choose.