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    All students need an old t-shirt to wear over their clothes in art class.

    Have creative fun with your child at home.  Pull out your art supplies and plain paper and let them draw and paint.  Consider signing up for art classes at some of the local art galleries listed under Community Art Resources. 

    Keep your child busy with creative activities.  Please do not let your child wear his/her favorite clothes on art day.  Short sleeves are recommended, but if wearing long, make sure the sleeves can be easily rolled up.

    I encourage parents to talk to their child about what they learned in their art class.  Here are some suggestions for what you might ask your child:

    What materials did you use today?

    What techniques were taught and what was the process learned?

    Did you learn about a particular artist today?

    Did you view pictures of famous art work?

    Did you learn any "art" vocabulary words?

    I hope that you will continue to support your child's art education at home by reading to your children, visiting galleries and museums, and using the internet to re-discover the art your child has learned about.  Encourage your child to draw pictures instead of watching television.  And remember to display their artwork in a prominent place to foster self esteem.