What is Civics &
    Through the study of Civics and Economics, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world. Students will need a practical understanding of these systems of civics and economics that affect their lives as consumers and citizens. Furthermore, this course serves as a foundation for United States History. It is recommended that this tenth grade course, Civics and Economics, directly precede the eleventh grade United States History survey course to maintain continuity and build historical perspective.
    As informed decision-makers, students will apply acquired knowledge to real life experiences. When studying the legal and political systems, students will become aware of their rights and responsibilities and put this information into practice. The economic, legal, and political systems are balanced for presentation and, like other social studies subjects; this course lends itself to interdisciplinary teaching. The goals and objectives are drawn from disciplines of political science, history, economics, and geography.
    Click here to look at the Standard Course of Study for Civics and Economics to learn more about what is covered.
    What you will need to bring to be successful
    1- A Three Ring Binder (2 in.)
    2- 10 Dividers (for each goal)
    3- Highlighters
    4- Black and Blue Pens
    5- Loose leaf paper
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