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    Core Values
    Griffith's PBIS mascot
    PAWS is an acronym with each letter standing for a core character value that we hope to encourage in each Griffith student.  Each of these core values are associated with good behavior attributes, and students are awarded as they display these exemplary behaviors.   PAWS core values and good behaviors are as follows:

    Core Values

    Good Behaviors

    P - Polite
    Use encouraging words
    -  Be supportive and kind
    -  Be helpful
    -  Allow others to learn
    -  Use good manners
    A - Accountable
    Accept responsibility for your actions
    -  Know and follow the rules
    -  Know and follow the procedures
    -  Make sure to get all communication to and
       from school
    W -Work Hard
    -  Do your best in all subject areas
    -  Ask for help when you need it
    -  Do all work/projects required of you
    -  Study
    S - Safe
    -  Follow all safety rules
    -  Keep Griffith clean and safe
    -  Keep from harming self and others
    -  Stay calm and follow directions in case of an
Last Modified on April 22, 2021