Types of Negative Behavior:
    • Chronic Level 2 
      • Student receives Classroom Discipline form for Level 2 behaviors and problems continue.
      • Examples : Any Level 2 behavior (including chronic Level 1).
    • Discrimination
      • Actions or statements intended to be offensive of one's race, gender, religion, heritage, color, perceived sexual orientatioin, and/or disability.
      • Examples : slurs that are written or spoken.
    • Stealing
      • The removing of someone else's property from their personal area or being in possession of something found that does not belong to you.
      • Examples : Taking another student's snack or personal possession from their desk/bookbag/etc., taking school property without permission.
    • Targeted Bullying/Harrassment
      • Repeated intentional tormenting of a student through verbal, written, or physical harrassment or other more subtle methods or coercion like using inappropriate/demeaning language, causing the victim to feel threated or unsafe.
      • Examples : calling someone hurtful names on a regular basis (2 or more times), convincing a student to give money or valuables away, cyberbullying, convincing classmates to isolate or pick on another student.
    • Possession of Weapons/Illegal Substances
      • Having possession or being under the influence of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, or having an instrument of any kind or a look alike weapon, with or without the intent to use.
      • Examples : having knives, fireworks, poppers, lighters, box cutter or any realistic look-a-like weapon.
    • Assault of Another Student/Fighting
      • A student making intentional physically aggressive contact upon another with or without injury.
      • Examples : fist fights, shoving match, continuous kicking, spitting on another person.
    • Pulling a False Fire Alarm
      • Intentionally pulling the fire alarm.
      • Examples : pulling the fire alarm.
    • Intimidation/Use of Profanity or Obscene Gestures Toward Adults and/or Students
      • Student delivers a message (verbalized, written, drawn, or gestured) towards another that conveys an act of intended injury or harm, cursing, gang paraphernalia.
      • Examples : cursing directed at another student or adult, passing along threats, gestures at another student, threatening to beat someone up, calling an adult names, saying "shut-up" to an adult, flipping off, grabbing own body parts, profanity.
    • Assault on School Personnel
      • When a student shows aggression towards school personnel.
      • Examples : throwing things at an adult, hitting, kicking, spitting, biting.
    • Vandalism
      • Participating in an activity that results in destruction of property.
      • Examples : ripping books, writing on bathroom stalls or walls, coloring on floors, desks or walls, demaging fixtures in the bathroom or classroom, misuse of toilet paper, paper towels or teacher belongings.

    Level 3 Behavior Consequences

    For Level 3 Behaviors or Chronic Levels 1 and 2:
    Student is sent to office with new D-1 AND Classroom Discipline Form(s), if chronic behaviors for Levels 1 and 2

Last Modified on August 1, 2011