• Curriculum News for Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade: "It's All About the Common Core and Essential Standards"
    • Small reading groups (Workshop Time)
    • Fluency practice
    • Imagine It-as a source of Reading Instruction
     Reminders for the Remainder of the Year (Third and Fourth Quarters):
    • Take-Home Reading sheets are due every Thursday (unless told differently).
    • Please read over the story with your child and take time to look over the sheet once it has been completed.
    • If your child receives corrections to make on Mondays, please spend time with him/her as corrections are made-make this a true learning opportunity and a chance for improvement.
    • Please have your child practice reading out loud to you. This will help with fluency-a key to stronger reading.
    • If you have computer access, your child can log on to I-Ready and continue with his/her tutorials.
    • Always review progress reports carefully and send them back signed on the very next day.
    • Be on the lookout for upcoming conference requests.