8:05-8:30 Attendance, check homework, silent reading time/AR testing and morning work
    8:30-10:00 Mathematics
          Problem of the Day
          Math instruction and practice
    10:00 Restroom and water break
    10:10-11:00 Teacher Directed Reading
    11:00-11:40 SPECIALS
    11:45-12:40 Small group Reading instruction
    12:40-1:10 LUNCH
    1:10 Restroom and water break
    1:20-1:50 Recess/water break
    1:55-2:25 Writing/Grammar/Integration of Science and Social Studies
    2:25-2:40 Teacher Read Aloud/Silent Reading
    2:40 Pack up, homework assignment review, teacher read aloud, silent reading
    2:50 Afternoon dismissal