• ...WELCOME...
    MS. KATHEA CLARKE SEMONES, Classroom Teacher
    MS. JANE HARRIS, Part-Time Teacher Assistant
    MS. MEGAN DARDEN,  First Semester Student Teacher 
    Peace Children

        Warmest greetings, First Grade Parents! It is indeed a privilege to be one of your child's two, "daytime mommies" between the weekday hours of 8:05 AM and 2:45 PM. Additionally, Ms. Jane Harris will be our Teacher Assistant for approximately 70 minutes daily. Together, we will cohesively work to provide an optimal nurturing and enriching learning environment for your children. We will collaborate to provide whole group, small group, individualized, and differentiated learning instruction whenever possible for each of our eighteen students.
         Typically, my after-school schedule is very flexible. With the exception of pre-arranged, afternoon meetings, I am available for phone calls and/or parent conferences following final bus dismissals @ 2:45 P.M. If you would like to request a meeting, a short note from home indicating your day and time preference is all that is needed. Otherwise, if e-mail is an option for you, it may be a quicker solution if you have a question or concern that is time-sensitive. I do check my e-mail in the evening and promise a quick response back to you.
        We continue to utilize the "Imagine It!" Language Arts program. Students "grow" their reading, writing, and spelling skills developmentalcat ly and sequentially.  Every child is given the opportunity to succeed at his/her own pace for differentiated learning with whole and small group (workshop) instruction. The WS/FC schools are aligned with the national Common Core Standards curriculum in all academic subject areas.
        Blessings all throughout this upcoming school year as we learn, work, and "grow what we know" together for the benefit of your children. Thank you for sharing them with us. They are all indeed, most precious gifts.                  
                                                     ~Ms. Kathea Clarke Semones~