• Help the Griffith Bulldogs with these fundraisers!

    Griffith Elementary "corporate connections" fundraisers provide money for things that are not covered within the confines of the school budget. 

    All of these "connections" are FREE and take just a little effort to have needed funds contributed to our school!
    There are collection boxes in the lobby of the school for items that must be sent away for our school to receive funds. These items are:
    •  Boxtops (parents collect in ziploc bag & label with student & teacher's name) 
    •  Recycled Cell Phones

    Students / parents/staff are encouraged to place above items in the boxes on the table in the lobby.

    These COST FREE ways of helping our school are explained in a flier sent home earlier this year. See how you can help our school by clicking on each of the  items in the blue box above.
Last Modified on November 17, 2021