• Aeronautics is the study of anything that flies from birds to the space shuttle. 
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    We at Ibraham are all excited about our new school! The new technology will allow us to cover more information in a much more interesting way, using the web, television programs and the new "Promethean" boards.

    My name is Tony Colburn and I welcome you to the Aeronautics class web page! I have always had an interest in all things that fly.  I am a hot air balloon pilot and also enjoy flying radio controlled planes. 

    Students in Aeronautics will learn about what makes human flight possible.  We start with the properties of air and how we use the knowledge of past discoveries and inventions to be able to take to the air. We will also learn about other facets of science like electricity, geology, and weather. 
    Students in 4th and 5th grades can apply to be in the Ibraham Aeronautics Club. Club members will learn to fly the club's RC planes, make and fly rockets and go on field trips to local airports. We will also have speakers from various aviation careers come to the club. Check back to see more developments!
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