• Classroom Expectations

    Learning community

    Knowing and following our classroom expectations helps to make the classroom a safe, interactive, and enjoyable place for students to learn.

    Learning is fun

    The Expectations

    Show respect for school property, your teachers, your classmates, and yourself.
    Follow directions the first time they are given.
    Be prepared for class (supplies, books, assignments).
    Use class time wisely.
    Try your best each day!

    The Consequences

    1st Card - warning
    2nd Card - restricted recess (walking)
    3rd Card - note/phone call home
    4th Card - office referral
    **NO HOMEWORK - Automatic card pulled the first time - subsequent occurrences will result in 2 cards
    NOTE: If homework is not able to be completed, a note (from the parent/guardian) should be given to Ms. Ryan with a brief explanation as to why the homework was not completed - the note will be taken as a valid excuse and no other consequences will be given to the student.


    Planner/Behavior Folder

    Ms. Ryan will mark an S (satisfactory) or an NS (not satisfactory) in the student's planner daily.  A brief description of the not satisfactory behavior will be given if applicable.  Students will be accountable for recording, and reflecting upon their behavior.  Each student will have his/her own behavior folder.  If the student has to pull two or more cards it will be his/her responsibility to fill out an explanation page in his/her folder.  They will be required to fill out what happened, what they should have done, and what was the consequence.  Each Friday, students will bring home their explanation page (if they have had to reflect on any undesirable behaviors that week).  Please review the explanation page with your child, sign it, and return it to school on Monday.

    Expectations Celebrations   

    Students who follow our classroom expectations will be rewarded with an end of the month celebration.  Each week that a student does not have an explanation page to take home on Friday a sticker will be added to the Expectations Celebration Chart.  If a student reaches the sticker goal, he/she will be able to participate in the celebration.