• Welcome

    I am really looking forward to this year and getting to know you and your child. My name is Kori Trainor. I have my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from UNC-Greensboro and a Master's Degree in Reading from Appalachian University. This will be my eighth year here at Ibraham and fourth year teaching 3rd grade. I have previously taught 2nd grade. 

    This Year's Agenda

    This year is going to be a very busy one. My lessons will be geared toward meeting the needs of each student and the guidelines of North Carolina's Standard Course of Study. My approach at accomplishing this is to use a variety of teaching styles, from hands on experiences, to bringing real world relevance into what I teach, so the students will be able to make relevant connections.

    The students are going to be busy and engaged.  There are goals and objectives in reading, writing, and math that the student must be able to perform consistently and accurately on grade level by the end of the year.

    My plan for accomplishing this goal is as I mentioned earlier by gearing the lessons to meet state standards, but also to make this a successful year for all involved I must mention the importance of keeping the lines of communication between you and I open. It is my true belief and experience that by maintaining constant communication with the student's parents or guardians; students tend to be more motivated to learn and are thereby more likely to succeed to the best of their ability.

    Class Expectations

    The expectations that I have in my classroom are simple, I remind the students to always treat others in the way that you would like to be treated. The class expectations that I have posted are as follows1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 2, Respect yourself and others. 3. Be polite to everyone. 4. Follow directions the first time. 5. Do not talk while other people are talking.

    Planners and reading logs are expected to be signed daily.

    I look forward to having a great year with you and your child.

    Kori Trainor