• 1. There is a 90 minute per day instrucational time of math.

    2. I prefer to use a great deal of math manipulatives for the students to explore different math objects.

    3. The students have a math journal that they write in daily to express how they have figured out an answer. This is an important part of math for the students to understand how they have found the answer to a problem and express it to someone. This is great practice for the students to prepare them for the end of quarter assessments.
    1. There is a 90 minute per day instrucational time of reading.

    2. 35 minutes of this time is our guided reading with a small group of readers on the same level studing with a reading teacher.

    3. The remaining 50 minutes of reading time is designated for whole group reading instruction with literary discussions and silent-reading.

    4. Social Studies and Science is also integrated into this time to give the students exposure to different genres.
    1. In social studies we will be talking about the 5 themes of geography, citizens and government, heros that are real and fictional, roles in society, how we create change over time, economic decisions that people make, and how we use technology.
    2. In science we will be talking about understanding plant growth and adaptations, soil properties, build an understanding of the earth, moon, and sun system, and the human body.
    1. There is a 30 minute per day instructional time of writing.

    2. During this time students will brainstorm ideas, organize, draft, edit, publish and share their work.

    3. The students will also keep journals in writing.

    4. In third grade a lot of the focus in writing will be for students to include transition words, describing words and build paragraphs.

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