**NEWS from Room 215**

    We send a warm welcome to all our visitors and ask that you sign our guestbook.  Enjoy our classroom page and have a wonderful new SCHOOL YEAR!

    **Our class beliefs: **

    WE,the students of Room 215, hold these beliefs to be self-evident and true:

    WE have the right to safety in our school and community.

    WE have the right to a challenging and stimulating education.

    WE have the right to learn without interference.

    WE believe in ourselves and every student in this school.

    WE believe in creating a team unit inside the classroom.

    WE believe in working together in order to make our classroom successful.

    WE believe in helping each other be the BEST we can possibly BE!

    As members of this class, we PLEDGE to uphold these beliefs to the BEST of our ability with the start of each school day.