Homework Policy

    Parents should review their student's planner each night.. The planner allows parents to see students' records of assignments as well as communication from teachers.  Parents are encouraged to use the planner as a communication tool as well. If I have left you a note in the planner, please be sure to respond back so that I know that you are aware of the message.  Students are responsible for the work, but parents should be checking to see that students are copying assignments and completing work! Working as a team will help ensure your student's success!
    Students should write homework for the week in their planners on Monday!  
    Fifth Graders are expected to have about fifty minutes of homework a night. Most students will finish in less time. In addition to homework activities, fifth graders should read 30 to 60 minutes a night.
    I will post web site links that may clarify and polish skills and concepts taught during the quarter.  
     Students will also create a variety of projects this year.
    Science Fair participation is mandatory by all fourth and fifth grade students. The Science Fair is in early December, so students would be on the right track by beginning to consider ideas for projects now.  By October many students should have narrowed down and chosen a topic.  At this time students should begin gathering materials and tackling projects. 
     Failure to complete homework assignments will negatively impact students' grades.  Failure to complete homeowrk on a regular basis will result in an office referral. 

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