• girl readingReading Strategies
    READ READ READ!  This is the easiest way to improve reading comprehension.  My students will have reading  everyday.  Please be sure that they understand what they are reading at a deeper level than just surface recall.  Please check to be sure that your child has a class library book and/or a school library book that they are bringing home to read everyday.   I have listed the strategies that the students are learning and will need to use in order to become proficient readers.  Please have your students practice these strategies.  NOTE: There are a total of 6 strategies, but I have listed the three we are working on at this time.  I will continue to add strategies as we learn to apply them.
    1. **Monitoring Comprehension: Students should be aware of their thinking while reading.  If something doesn't make sense or if they need to think about something, they should be aware of this and use "fix-it" ideas.
    2. **Building Background and Making Connections: Each time a child reads, they are building background knowledge and information.  As they read new text, this background knowledge will help them understand at a higher level.  Also, students should be aware if they can connect the new knowledge with previous text they have read before (text to text connection) or something they have experienced (text to self).
    3. **Questioning: While reading, good readers always have questions popping into their minds as they read.