• pencils                              HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS 
    We want all of our students to feel successful and homework is an important tool to help our students' succeed in school.  Students will have homework in word study, reading, and math Monday through Thursday.  Each Monday they will be given a homework sheet that we will fill out together.  In the beginning of the school year, we will also pack up together at the end of the day to ensure that all students are going home with what they need each night.  We ask parents to help us out by checking over their homework each night and then signing the homework sheet at the bottom of the page.  We want to make sure that our students get off to a good start for the new school year.  Please contact me right away if you feel like your child is struggling with homework.
    WORD STUDY-  Students will have a word study assignment Monday through Thursday night.  They have a choice list taped in the front of their homework notebook that they can choose from when given the option.  Monday through Thursday's nights' homework is either assigned by the teacher or the student is given the choice to choose an activity off the list. A word study list is used for two weeks before a test is given. Thursday night's homework before the test is a practice test given by a parent, checked by a parent, and then signed by a parent. The practice test also includes writing the definitions to the words.
    READING- Students are required to read from a self selected library book for 20 minutes each night Monday through Thursday.  Then on one of those nights after reading for 20 minutes, they will respond to what they read that night by writing a paragraph. Just like word study, sometimes I will assign how to respond and sometimes I will allow the students to choose how to respond.  This is an excellent way to increase reading comprehension and to increase their writing ability.
    MATH-  A math assignment will be given to practice the skills that we have learned in class each day. 
    BOOK TALKS-  The students will complete one book talk each quarter and will be given detailed instructions. This assignment is completed outside of the classroom by the student. I will assign the first quarter book talk the week of September 21st. The due date for this will be the of October 15th. They can bring their assignment in on any day that week. For those students who are early finishers, they can bring it in on any day before the due date:)