Our Quarter News Page will keep you informed as to what is going on in class as well as other information such as important dates.   When I update this page of our class website I will send an e-mail to let you know it has been updated.  The other  pages of our class website will remain the same. 
    In fourth grade we strive for a classroom environment where students can satisfy their curiosity and grow in knowledge by asking questions.  We want our students to feel they can make mistakes without judgment, so they can learn from them and grow.  The best growth sometimes comes from the mistakes we make!
    We had a great turn out for curriculum night. I have a power point that I shared with parents about our classroom and curriculum. So if you couldn't attend, but would like the power point, let me know and I will e-mail it to you. 
    Parents you were very generous for the Boosterthon! Thank you for you support. Our school is great only because of you:) 
    READING- Students received specific, detailed directions for their first quarter book talk today which is due on October 15th. Our book talk reflects two of our goals this quarter. A reading goal of analyzing the character, setting, and events of stories. Also a writing goal of forming well written paragraphs. 
    SCIENCE- Soon we will start our science unit of animals. We will receive real LIVE animals into our classroom- Fiddler Crabs, Dwarf African Frogs, and millipedes:) At the end of our unit we will allow students to adopt the crabs and millipedes. As part of our unit, we will go to the zoo on Friday, October 16th. The first of three letters came home in the Tuesday packet this week. All students get into the zoo free. The $12 covers the buses for the zoo and the Museum of Anthropology field trip in January. We welcome all parents who want to accompany us, but you will have to drive your own car since we are taking activity buses.
    Information for the upcoming Science Fair will be coming home soon.  All fourth grade students are required to complete a Science Fair Project. 
    MATH- We will start multiplication in a couple of weeks, so it is not too soon for the students to start reviewing the basic facts. Everything we do from here to the end of the year involves some kind of multiplication. It is so important that our students know them well, or they will struggle in math. I tell the students to pick out the ones they struggle with and practice them ten minutes every night.
    Early Release Day Wednesday September 30th
    Book Talk due October 15th 
    Zoo Friday October 16th
    Early Release Day Wednesday October 14 
    Quarter Testing Week October 19-23