Just a reminder of what I require for homework on a daily basis.
    Math:  Please study your math facts every night.  Your child should work each night for a good solid 15 minutes on their math assignment.  If they do not finish the page or sheet in that time period, I will not penalize them.  I want them to practice their skills and not rush through their work.
    Reading:  Your child will be taking home a reading anthology tonight.  Their assigned reading is on the homework chart.  Please have your child read the assigned story.  If it does not take 15 minutes for them to read this story please have them choose a book on their level to complete the 15 minutes.  Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) we will have a response of the story that we have been reading.  This is to help the children with their handwriting, sentence formations, and TRC questions.
    Oral Fluency  - Each week the children will receive an oral fluency passage.  Your child has one minute to read the passage.  Each line has numbers beside them.  Please record the Number of the word your child stopped on and not the numbers for the whole line. 
    Spelling - the children will have a list of words sent home each week.  They will have an assigned task to complete each night for the spelling list.  Spelling assessments will be on Friday.
     High frequency words - please study the list of words for the week.