Please expect your child to have homework Monday through Thursday.  They will most likely have a math assignment, word study, and 20 minutes of reading nightly.  Twice a week, they will be responsible for reading responses.  Several times a year, they will also have projects to complete. 

    What is your role?  Please provide your child with a place and time to do their job.  Have the necessary resources on hand so they can access what they need.  Please give them your encouragement and praise.  However, please do not do their work for them.  Homework enforces what they should already know.  If they can not do the work, I need to be aware of that so that we can regroup.  If you find that you are spending too much time helping your child with an assignment, jot me a little note letting me know that your child needs extra help with that particular concept.  I will not penalize your child for not completing an assignment if they have put the effort in.  Thank you.