• Hello there Old Richmond friends.  I am so happy to be here and have you in my class.  Robertson's Rockets will soar into learning adventures this year in Kindergarten!


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    Quarterly Math Expectations

     1st quarter
    • count and compare numbers to 10
    • identify and describe shapes
    • measure attributes of objects

    2nd quarter

    • sorting and classifying objects by number
    • model, add and subtract within 10
    • apply addition/subtraction to 10

    3rd quarter

    • addition/subtraction to 10
    • identify and model 2-D and 3-D shapes
    • describe/compare attributes

    4th quarter

    • compose/decompose numbers 11-19
    • solve addition/subtraction within 10


    Kindergarten students are involved in daily reading activities. We read for fun and to develop comprehension skills.The children are involved in reading activities such as story telling and retelling, guided reading and phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming words, letter sounds and syllables.
    Kindergarten students will be expected to learn the elements of a story retell.  This includes the setting, characters, problem and solution, author's purpose and a personal connection to the story.
    1st-4th quarter- observe daily weather patterns and throughout the year
    1st quarter- compare likenesses and differences of living and nonliving things
    2nd quarter- observe positions and motions of objects
    3rd quarter- classify objects by color, shape, size, texture, weight and flexability
    4th quarter- compare physical properties of materials of which objects are made
    1st quarter- understand change over time/understand the roles of a good citizen
    2nd quarter- use geographic representation and terms to describe surroundings
    3rd quarter- understand the interaction between humans and the environment/understand basic economic concepts such as wants, needs, how jobs help people
    4th quarter- good citizenship, global awareness/other cultures