• Reading/Writing:

    Reading is taught through small guided reading groups, teacher directed reading, shared reading, individual conferencing, book clubs and partner reading.  Decoding and comprehension skills will be taught in the small guided reading groups.  Book Clubs will provide the students with opportunities to read chapter books in small groups.  These groups involve discussions following each reading assignment as well as responding to the literature in oral and written form.

    Reading each night for 15 minutes is a required component of homework.

    Writing is experienced in varied formats throughout our day and across the curriculum, such as: writing workshop, daily language reviews, grammer drills, journal, and reading responses.


    This year in Science we will explore Plants and Soil, Matter and Forces in Motion, the Earth, Moon, and Sun, and the Skeletal System.    

    Social Studies :

    In Social Studies we will learn about  Maps and Globes, Changes in Communities over Time, Citizenship and our Community, and Economics.


    Each Monday your student will have a new homework assignment sheet sent home in their Homework Folder. Please help your student become responsible for reviewing their assignments for that day, and upon completion, initial their Homework Assignment sheet.  This sheet should be signed and returned each day in the Homework Folder!

    Students are expected to read 15 minutes each night. A spelling assignment will also be given each day to be completed at home. Encourage your student to do their best printed handwriting; students will not be required to write in cursive until after Thanksgiving. At times throughout the year, we will assign a Science or Social Studies project or test.

    Math is taught according to the pacing guide provided by the WS/FC School System.  It is very important for all children to memorize basic addition/subtraction facts as well as multiplication facts when expected.  Math is much easier if the children have a solid foundation before applying those facts to real life situations.  Thanks for your help!