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    I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful break. I am look forward to the exciting things that we have coming up in the next few weeks
    2nd Grade Language Arts
    I am so proud of the progress that my second graders continue to show in Reading and Writing. During the second quarter we have been working on informative writing. Students will be creating writing pieces in which they explain the steps of how to do a certain tasks like build a snowman.  We will work through the entire writing process. At the end of the quarter students will be given a writing prompt and they will work through the writing process individually.  We will also be writing letters to Santa as well as poems about Winter and Snow.
    In Math this quarter we are working on measuring length in centimeters,meters, inches and feet. We are investigating the differences in each unit of measurement as well as learning how and when to use them. We continue to work on word problems and our math facts.