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    Reading Tips for Parents
    Ways Parents Can Promote Reading at Home
    1.   Make sure your children read every day.  Reading is a skill that gets better with practice.  Research has shown that children who spend at least 30 minutes a day reading for fun (it doesn't matter what they read) develop the skills to be better readers at school.
    2.  Read yourself.  When your kids see you enjoying reading, they will want to follow your example.
    3.  Read aloud to your children.  This should continue well beyond the point when children can read independently.  Set aside some time each day to read aloud.  Even 10 minutes a day can make a big difference.  Read aloud books you enjoy, both fiction and non fiction.
    4.  Get to the public library.  Make sure everyone in the family has their own library card.  Schedule regular trips to the library.  The Kernersville public library is within walking distance of our school, and IT'S FREE!
    5.  Use your newspaper to encourage reading.  Have your child do a newspaper "scavenger hunt" by giving him/her a list of things to find in today's newspaper: a map of the US, a picture of his/her favorite athlete or movie star, tomorrow's high temperature, three words that begin with "V", a movie playing at the Kernersville movie theater.  Be creative with this!
    6.  Use your junk mail.  Have your children read your junk mail and find 10 words they like or can read.  They can cut out the words and glue them to a piece of paper or in a word journal.
    7.  Give books as gifts.  Find a special shelf or box for your children to keep their own library.
    8.  Make reading a privilege.  Tell your child, "You can stay up 15 minutes later tonight if you read in your bed," or "Because you cleaned up your room when I asked you to, I will read you an extra story tonight."
    9.  Read books "on the go."  Put a tub of books in the car so your children can read while you are traveling or running errands.
    10.  If you are not a good reader, you can still encourage your children to read.  As your children learn to read, have them read to you.  Talk about the books they have read.  Ask a friend or relative to read aloud to your children.  Just show your kids that you are interested in what they are reading and learning.
    Here are some literacy related web sites that you may be interested in using.
    http://www.rif.org/parents/ - Reading is Fundamental parent page - has sections on Choosing Good Books, Reading Aloud, School Connections, and more.  Also has resources in Spanish.
    http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/parentsHome.jsp - Scholastic parent page - find reading ideas, book lists, articles, and more.  There are lots of things for kids to do on the Scholastic site as well.
    http://www.readingrockets.org/audience/parents - Reading Rockets parent page - teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle - find strategies, parent tips, etc.
    http://www.forsyth.cc/Library/Kernersville/Default.aspx - Website for the Kernersville Branch of the Forsyth County Public Library System.
     http://www.pta.org/programs/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3562&RDtoken=1 - National PTA Website - How Can I Inspire My Child to Read?