• Our First Grade Curriculum
    Math:  Numbers to 120
                Addition and Subtraction Math Facts to 20
                 Solving Story Problems
                 Fractions (1/2 and 1/4)
                      Geometric Shapes and their Attributes              
    Phonics:  Beginning Sounds
                      Blending and Decoding Words
    Writing: The Writing Process
                          We will write narrative, informational, and opinion writing
    Reading Comprehension:  We use our Comprehension Strategies and Skills to understand and remember what we read.  
    Fluency:  We are becoming fluent readers and we read, read, and read!  We focus on sight words and high frequency phrases.
    Science:  Living and Nonliving, Weather, and Habitats
    Social Studies:  Building a Community in our classroom, Responsibility, Geography