August, 2016


    Dear Parents and Guardians of Mrs. Smith’s Smileys,


           I am very pleased to be welcoming you and your child into another school year.  Third grade is very exciting and challenging.  There is so much to learn and do.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child. We are going to have a FUN year.
          Third grade is such an important year with the End-of-Grade Tests in math and reading. Your child must score a 3, 4, or 5 to be proficient.  Any child who comes to third grade with 1’s or 2’s on their K-2 Assessments may be at risk of not passing the EOG Tests in May.  In the next 2-3 weeks I will talk to parents individually about their child’s K-2 scores, their educational plan (PEP) that will need to be revisited and signed, and how we can work together to make third grade a very productive year.  With concentrated effort and a strong commitment to work I know WE can make third grade a positive experience for your child.
           This year your child will also receive additional help from 11:30am –12:15pm each day from other teachers. These teachers will come in our class and help with instruction in reading skills.

           My philosophy about school is that each child is here to learn.  I do not allow inappropriate behavior.  I make it a practice to call or text parents if there is a problem or just to brag on your child.  Also, feel free to call me with any concerns or questions at 692-6505 or send an email to


    DISCIPLINE-  I have 4 main rules in my classroom, which are also school rules.

     Show RESPECT to everyone.

    O-  Only practice SAFE Behavior

                            A-  Always Try YOUR Best

                            R-  Make RESPONSIBLE choices


    These rules are posted in my classroom and should be familiar to any returning KES student.  Students will have a clothespin with their name on it.  Each day it is placed on green on our class stoplight.  Green = good behavior all day, Yellow = warning, 

    Red = inappropriate behavior for the day. Your child will put a corresponding colored dot in their planner each day to let you know how their behavior was for the day. If they have a red or yellow dot they are responsible for writing why they received that color.  PLEASE sign the planner every night as you check to see what your child has for homework and how their day was.  At the end of each week, if your child has had a good week, they will go to the TREASURE BOX.   

    HOMEWORK is very important and should be done at home with the assistance of an adult, if possible (don’t do it for your child…just helpJ).  Please work with me to make sure your child brings his or her homework back to school each day.  If your child does not do his or her homework he or she will have to complete the missing homework during non-instructional time. Investing forty-five minutes of your time each day at home assisting your child could make the difference in his or her success.


    PLEASE BE AWARE on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights

    Your child will always have HOMEWORK.J

    1. Take Home Reading with a written activity.  Always prove where you find your answers.
    2. Math activity sheet  Always show your work…When in DOUBT…Draw it out!


    Please look in your child’s planner each day to see what homework has been assigned.  Additionally, throughout the year your child will have projects to do in Social Studies and Science.


    Reading:  Each night your child needs to read at least 30 minutes and do the written homework follow-up.  Ex. Writing a summary or answering questions.  Make sure your child’s answers are written in complete sentences with the appropriate punctuation marks.  After the book is completely read at least two times and understood your child will take an AR test on the computer. You can search the AR website (Renaissance Learning) at http://renlearn.com/store/ It will tell you the book level and points. AR rewards are worth it!


       Take home reading encourages fluency, but it also builds responsibility.  Help your child learn to take care of the books and return them daily.


    Math:  Each night your child will have a worksheet to practice what we have been learning in class.  All students need to continue to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcards at home.  Flashcards can be purchased at the Dollar Store or Wal-mart.


    Math Websites to practice math- www.eduplace.com , www.multiplication.com, and www.coolmath4kids.com ,


    Spelling:  Your child will receive a list of words each week that go along with the story we are reading. Each night they will have an activity to do with the list of words.  For example, ABC order, use words in complete sentences, write words in stairstep form, etc. They should bring the list home daily to study for the weekly Spelling Test. 



    • You must register online to be a volunteer. You are required do this to go on field trips. Go to http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us


    • Eat a nutritious breakfast!  It is the most important meal of the dayJ
    • Our classroom opens at 7:40 am.  This enables students to prepare for their day without RUSHING and gives them time to complete their morning work.
    • Notify me in writing if there is a change in your child’s afternoon transportation.  Otherwise he or she will have to follow the same routine.
    • Try to schedule all appointments after 2:25 pm so your child doesn’t miss out on any class instruction.  In order for your child to pass 3rd grade they must have good attendance.  There are so many objectives to cover in all subject areas in such a short time that we move at a very fast pace.
    • Always send in a written excuse when your child has been absent.


    Please join the PTA! We need your support!  Try to attend all parent and student activities.  Make it a goal to be involved.  It means so much to the children when you are able to volunteer, attend programs, class parties, field trips, or send in items for their class.  Let’s work together as a team to make our school the best it can be. I want our class to have 100% membership!  When you have more than one child at KES each child gets credit for one membership.  If you can afford to pay dues for another family that would be TERRIFIC!      

    Thanks in advance for making this school year successful.



                                                                        In partnership,


                                                                        Sonya C. Smith


    Classroom Needs

    • Bags of individually wrapped candy (tiny) for the students to enjoy when they make 100% on an AR test.  Ex. Starburst, pixie sticks, Hershey kisses, etc.
    • Dollar Store items for our Treasure Box.
    • Baby wipes
    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Empty baby jars without the label
     Field Trips
    • Wizard of Oz play at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro (Reading) - November, 2016
    • Moravian Candle Tea at the Kernersville Moravian Church (Social Studies) - December, 2016
    • Old Salem (Social Studies) April, 2017