school word     We have a bathroom in the classroom and students are allowed to go whenever they need to without asking.  For this reason, right before or right after lunch will be the only "bathroom break" we take in the main bathrooms.
    7:40 - 8:10  Arrival, Unpack, Bathroom, Morning Work
    8:10-9:00  Phonics
    9:00-9:50 Skill Block Groups
    9:50-10:50 Math
    10:55-11:20 Lunch
    11:25-11:55 Recess
    12:00-12:50 Specials
    12:55-1:20 Small Math Groups
    1:20-1:40 Reading Comprehension
    1:40-2:00 Read Aloud
    2:10 - pack up
    2:15 - Dismissal 
    *Please allow your child to come in and unpack themselves in the morning.  Part of 1st grade is teaching responsibility and students need to be able to unpack and get to work independently.